Jun 26, 2024


The Power of Shared Goals with Douglas and Heather Boneparth

Emily Luk

CPA, CFA - CEO and Cofounder of Plenty

On this episode

This episode of the Love & other assets podcast features a conversation with power couple Douglas and Heather Boneparth. The Boneparth's, authors of "Millennials and Money" and a forthcoming book on navigating power struggles in couples’ finances, offer invaluable insights into the dynamic between love and money, particularly for couples amid career changes, parenthood, and the ever-evolving landscape of modern finances.

They share their story of meeting in college, navigating their careers and the recession, and ultimately coming together to build their business. The Bonaparth's discuss the challenges and joys of working with your spouse, especially when navigating parenthood and the changing dynamics of income and household responsibilities. They emphasize the importance of communication, setting shared goals, and understanding each other's money personalities for a successful partnership. They also reveal their favorite Friday night ritual and their dream trip to Japan. The episode offers insights for couples on managing money, building a business together, and navigating the complexities of modern relationships.

What we discussed

Here are 5 key issues discussed in the episode:

  1. Merging Finances and Navigating Debt: The Bonaparth's discuss their experience merging finances with significant student loan debt. This highlights the challenges of starting a relationship with financial burdens and the need for open communication about debt management.

  2. Shifting Power Dynamics in Income: The episode explores how power dynamics in a relationship can change as income levels fluctuate. Heather's experience of being the initial breadwinner and then seeing Doug's income surpass hers exemplifies the potential for tension and the need for ongoing conversations about financial contributions.

  3. Mental Load of Household Management: Heather emphasizes the significant mental load associated with managing a household, especially with children. This unseen work often falls disproportionately on women, leading to feelings of exhaustion and resentment.

  4. Redefining Contribution Beyond Income: The couple challenges traditional views of "contribution," arguing that time, energy, and emotional labor are equally valuable in a relationship. This expands the conversation about equity to encompass more than just financial contributions.

  5. Building a Business Together: The episode explores the challenges and rewards of working with your spouse. The Bonaparth's discuss the unique dynamics, communication needs, and potential for both personal and professional growth when building a business as a couple.

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Emily Luk

CPA, CFA - CEO and Cofounder of Plenty

Emily is the ceo and cofounder of Plenty. Started by a husband and wife team, Plenty is a wealth platform built for modern couples to invest and plan towards their future, together. Previously, she was VP of Strategy and Operations at Even (acquired by Walmart/One) and a founding team member of Stripe's Growth and Finance & Strategy teams. She began her career as a VC, and was one of the youngest nationally to complete her CPA, CA and CFA designations.



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